Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre incident, a woman was so furious with her break-up that she decided to marry her former boyfriend’s father, only to ruin his wedding festivities. The woman became her ex-boyfriend’s stepmother to take revenge on him.

The unusual story was shared on Reddit by a user and has since gone viral. As per the post on Reddit, the woman claimed that she was kept in the dark about her ex-boyfriend’s marriage and publicly confronted him with unpleasant questions.

To make matters worse, she made derogatory comments about the new bride and passed lewd remarks on her looks and social status.

Before things go awry, the groom’s friends and other family members came to his rescue and saved it from getting ruined. To stop the stepmother from causing more trouble, they made sure she was kept away. They also made sure she was denied any type of alcohol to prevent her from making the situation worse.

Thanks to the efforts of the groom’s friends and family members, the rest of the wedding ceremony went down without a hitch. The groom’s sister shared the story on Reddit which has since then garnered immense attention on the social media app.

Reddit users are all praise for the groom’s friends and family members who saved his special day.