Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In the tech space, there are two major companies that everyone knows worldwide- Apple and Google. Both companies have been in a race in AI to build stronger products. However, Google's AI products are not as advanced as others available.

The latest Google AI product, Gemini, did not receive satisfactory results according to a Business Insider report. Calls for Pichai's resignation are increasing, with many arguing that CEO Sundar Pichai must step down.

Amid this, a viral picture of Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook is making rounds on social media, sparking various speculations.

The account @TechBroDrip shared an old picture of the two sitting together at a restaurant.

While some saw it as an opportunity for memes, many speculated about a possible merger between the two companies.

Some users even suggested that Sundar Pichai might join Apple.

On the 'X' platform, users discussed various theories, such as Sundar Pichai pitching something to Tim Cook or Google AI potentially going to the iPhone.

However, there is no official confirmation about Sundar Pichai leaving Google or joining Apple.