Cassian Baliarsingh

Sandeep Maheshwari and Vivek Bindra, two popular motivational speakers and life coaches, are currently locked in an ugly feud. The two have been trending on social media as netizens are divided in supporting the two.

While a section of people are supporting Sandeep Maheshwari, a few people are in support of Vivek Bindra who has been accused of assaulting his wife. Let’s dig out the main reason for the fight between the two popular YouTubers who were once friends.

The feud started after Sandeep Maheshwari shared a video on his YouTube channel regarding a scam in a business course, offered by Vivek Bindra. The video titled ‘Big Scam Exposed’ was shared on Sandeep Maheshwari’s YouTube channel that shows a few students accusing Vivek Bindra of duping them of money in the name of a business course.

Sandeep Maheshwari accused Vivek Bindra of charging a lot of fees from students and dubbed the business course a ‘major scam’. The video soon went viral with netizens slamming Vivek Bindra for playing with the future of the students.

Vivek Bindra soon jumped out to defend himself and put out a ‘response video’ on YouTube named ‘Janeman Biggest Controversy | Biggest Attack – Dr Vivek Bindra.” In the video, Bindra answered all the questions put forward by Maheshwari one by one.

The feud did not end there. In response to Bindra’s video, Maheshwari shared another video ‘Stop Vivek Bindra’. In the video, Maheshwari shared the confessions of people who were cheated by Bindra. One of the students who had paid for the ‘business course’ even threatened to end his life by suicide if Bindra did not return his money.

Later, Maheshwari accused Bindra of giving death threats and sending unknown people to his house.

Taking to his X handle, Sandeep Maheshwari also wrote, “My dear Vivek, on one hand you threaten my team with legal action and on the other you sent your employees to my house repeatedly. Do you really think that I will give in to your threats? I am not working for my own benefit but for the benefit of everyone…. And I will continue to do so till the end… People like you can’t stop me. Do not make the mistake of believing that I am alone.”

In response, Bindra wrote, “Regarding the issue of scaring or threatening any of your employees, it is not part of our culture. If anyone in my team has done such a thing, please share the unedited recording, and I will take action myself.”

“You blocked my number and ignored my humble requests various times to talk. You deleted over 5000 positive comments about me. It is true that my Director and Chief of Staff visited your house and intention behind it was to schedule an appointment with you for an open conversation.”

Their blame game has added to the controversy that doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. Both Maheshwari and Bindra have their share of fan base and are getting massive responses to the ongoing drama.