Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

With tech developments and advancements, scientists and researchers are able to crack different mysteries with time. Be it a natural phenomenon or a scientific reason, experts are able to solve some mysteries over the years. And continuous efforts are on resolved more of these. However, still there are several mysteries that are yet to get resolved.

Here we bring five unsolved mysteries in India that will leave you shocked.

1. Village of Twins

Kodinhi, a village in Kerala has caught everyone’s eye. Currently, the village claims to have 220 pairs of twins. Though the reason behind this is not yet unearthed, scientists claim that the chemicals in the water in this area might be the reason.

2. The Hanging Pillar

Pillars of any structure are fixed with the foundation and must have a base. It is just impossible to believe what someone says about a hanging pillar. Though hard to believe, the Veerabhadra temple in Andhra Pradesh’s Lepakshi is built on 70 pillars. However, out of the 70, one pillar hangs in the air. The pillar stands without any support and connection with the ground.

3. No Crimes in Village With Houses Without Doors

Doors and gates are built to restrict trespassers. However, there is an entire village in India with houses and shops without doors. Though, not a single crime has been reported from the village ever. No building, house, shop, or even school in Shani Shingnapur has doors. According to the village folklore, Lord Shani guards the village and locals put their faith in God. Despite the 'no door' policy, people leave their homes freely without any worries. Even the first lockless bank branch was established by UCO Bank in 2011.

4. Magnetic Hill

The mystery of the ‘Magnetic Hill’ in Leh-Kargil road leaves the onlookers surprised and excited and is a crowd puller. Instead of rolling backward, even when vehicles are turned off, the road attracts the stationary vehicles upwards. A car when left on the road with its engine off, it can roll at a speed of 20km/hr. As per local belief, this road once led to heaven. However, science has a different explanation. As per one theory, the hill has a strong magnetic force that pulls the vehicles. Another theory explains optical illusion as the reason for such a phenomenon which actually doesn’t happen. According to this theory, the hill doesn’t have any magnetic power but it just creates an optical illusion for which the road that actually goes downhill, seems to go uphill.

5. Mystery of Suicidal Birds in Assam

Have you ever heard of a bird committing suicide? What if it is a mass suicide? Well, the bizarre and sad phenomenon takes place every monsoon when migratory and local birds commit mass suicide in a village in Assam. Some theories suggest the combination of factors including high altitude is the reason behind the sudden disorientation of the birds. The birds plunge themselves into the village lights due to high winds and dense fog. Meanwhile, another theory suggests that the weather change in the province leads to a change in the water’s magnetic status thus bewildering the birds. However, there are no particular scientific reasons yet.