Poonam Singh

The world is replete with mysteries and some of those, despite all the efforts of our most expert historians, determined treasure hunters, and great cryptographers, are yet to be resolved. One of such mysteries is an Italian train which is claimed to have disappeared along with its 104 passengers around 100 years ago. 

According to reports, a train named Zanetti was going from Rome to Lombard with 106 passengers including railway staff. 

However, on its way from Rome to Lombardy, the Zanetti train suddenly mysteriously disappeared while passing through a tunnel in the middle. 

Following which, a lot of research was done on the train, but nothing could be found about it. To date, the disappearance of the Zanetti train is a mystery.

But some theories claim that two people aboard the same train were found outside the tunnel. However, they were mentally disturbed and in very bad condition.

After treatment and therapy, the two passengers returned to normal. However, they were not ready to say anything about this incident. Later, one of them told that as soon as the train reached the tunnel a thick white smoke started filling the train. People on board got nervous and started screaming. Almost everyone felt that a big accident has happened on the train. But, he had no idea how he escaped the train.

Another surprising incident related to the Zanetti train that left everyone stunned was decades later, a doctor in Mexico claimed that 104 people were admitted to the hospital in which she works, but all of them had become mentally deranged. They were saying that they had come by train but could not give any details. And the most surprising thing was that there was not a single train to travel from Rome to Mexico.

This strange incident has remained a mystery for the whole world to date. There is no specific evidence in which tunnel it disappeared. 

Some even question if this incident really happened, and if yes, then why was it not written in any newspaper? Despite 104 people missing, is it really possible that the news did not appear in the newspaper?

Hence, it is widely believed that Zanetti's train disappearance is just a fictional story and there is no truth to it at all.

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