Cassian Baliarsingh

From shopping online to getting groceries delivered to your doorstep, everything is easily available with just a click in this era of social media and the internet.

Nowadays people also find love on the internet. With the easy availability of various dating apps, people depend on the internet to find love these days. However, it depends on how you present yourself to attract your potential dating partner.

Meanwhile, a Tinder user going the extra mile to impress his matches on the dating app has left the internet in splits. The youth’s Tinder bio to impress his matches is something that has grabbed all the attention online.

Usually, a bio is a short and straightforward description of the user. Your likes, dislikes, hobbies, age, and other qualities you seek in a partner are included in the bio. However, a youth has added his Class X marks and JEE rank along with his percentage and rankings just to impress his matches.

The bio is of a youth identified as Ankit Jha, a 24-year-old Tinder user. Ankit has listed his academic accomplishments including his Class 10, 12, and JEE Mains and Advanced rank. The bio further reads that Ankit graduated from IIT Bombay and is currently employed with Infosys.

A screenshot of his bio is now going viral with a plethora of reactions from social media users.

“Something seems wrong. Bro thought it was LinkedIn,” commented a user.

Another user sarcastically wrote, “All that for Tinder.”

“His entire personality is about boasting his academic marks,” commented another user.

A fourth user wrote, “Why most of the guys from tinder very cringy.”