Cassian Baliarsingh

The life of a modest fruit vendor took an unexpected turn after he received an apartment valued at an astounding Rs 3.8 crore as a gift from a kind customer. This touching tale is a tribute to those people who still believe that humanity still exists.

This is a story of compassion and the enormous influence a single act of kindness can have on someone’s life. The story is from Shanghai, China.

It was years ago, Ma, an 88-year-old man (now deceased) met Liu a fruit vendor at a nearby marketplace. The elderly man welcomed Liu and his family to stay at his apartment after noticing that Liu had a run-down place to live, a report in South China Morning Post.

After the death of Ma’s only son, Liu took over the role of his caregiver. He took care of the elderly man and took him to hospitals when the latter’s relatives and daughters did not assist him in any way.

When Ma died, he left behind Rs 3.8 crore worth of real estate in the name of Liu in appreciation for the care he received from him during the last stage of his life. However, Ma’s relatives and other family members refused to give his assets and property.
So, he dragged them all to the court. The court was in shock to learn that the departed older man had indeed chosen to leave his whole fortune in the name of Liu, an unrelated guy even as he had his sisters.

The Shanghai court ruled in favour of the fruit vendor and upheld Ma’s will to hand over all his assets in the name of Liu, despite the family’s objections.