Poonam Singh

Optical illusions are images and visuals which are presented in such a way that an illusion is created. It's similar to a puzzle, and most people become addicted to them and can't stop solving them until the "puzzle" is solved.

One such visual challenge was recently shared on Twitter by IAS officer Awanish Sharan. He shared an image with a hidden number.

Sharing the image on the social media platform, Sharan wrote, “What number do you see?”

The picture has a pixelated black-and-white background with a number hidden.

This mind-bending picture puzzle has blown away everyone’s brain. As we can see the picture plays with your mind. The number is hidden in plain sight yet the picture creates an optical illusion that makes it very hard to spot the number within 10 seconds.

Since being shared two days ago on Twitter, the optical illusion has gathered over 21.9K likes and several retweets. The tweet has also received numerous comments.

Here’s how Twitteratis reacted to the optical illusion: