Cassian Baliarsingh

In yet another case of cardiac arrest, a Noida-based techie collapsed on the pitch and died while playing cricket with his friends. The bone-chilling incident has been reported from Noida.

A video of the incident shows him taking a run when he collapses midway. Seeing him, the wicketkeeper and other players ran towards him to help. He was then rushed to the nearest hospital.

However, doctors declared him dead on arrival. The techie has been identified as Vikas Negi from Noida. Post-mortem reports revealed that it was a case of heart attack.

According to sources, Vikas had recovered from Covid-19 and would often play cricket in Noida and Delhi to keep himself fit. As usual, he had gone to play a match when he collapsed although there were no prior symptoms of any weakness.

In a similar incident, a school teacher died in a classroom while teaching his students due to a suspected cardiac arrest. Mohsin Mir, 40, taught English at the Navchetana English Medium School in Bahi of Gujarat.

Mir suddenly felt unwell in the classroom and collapsed. Students alerted other teachers and he was rushed to a private hospital where doctors declared him dead.

Cases of heart attacks, which previously were believed to affect only older people, among young people Indians have become a matter of serious concern in the recent past.