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From being mocked as a ‘certified failure’ to becoming one of India’s first female street artists, Kolkata girl Sneha Chakraborty’s life journey is a testament to her sheer grit and dedication!  With a heart full of passion and a brush in hand, Sneha has set out to bring the nation's vibrant stories to life through her 'Travel & Paint India Tour.'

A renowned traveling artist and the first Indian to exhibit AR+NFT in a physics gallery, is also a captivating TEDx speaker. In her quest to combine her love for art, she has undertaken a journey like no other. Traveling from city to town, from village to hamlet, she collaborates with NGOs and local businesses to weave a vibrant tapestry of stories on the streets of India.


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Through 'Travel & Paint India Tour' initiative, she fosters awareness and inspires people. As she paints breathtaking murals on the streets, she captures the essence of local culture, history, and traditions. Her vibrant paintings not only instill a sense of pride in the hearts of locals but also attract curious travelers, boosting tourism and encouraging everyone to keep their surroundings clean and beautiful.

Growing up Sneha had to constantly change her schools due to her father’s job and art became her constant companion. She dropped out of college and tried multiple jobs only to be a failure. People called her a failure and said that marriage and being a housewife was her only option left.

Unwilling to give up, she finally found her true calling in painting wall murals. After braving all odds, today she travels from big cities to remote villages to showcase our diverse culture in cover from every corner of the country.

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