Cassian Baliarsingh

Policemen in UP’s Radhanagar village had to play unconventional matchmakers for a bride and groom after the wedding was almost called off following a fight over a petty issue. Cops had to step in to resolve the issue and re-arrange the marriage of the bride and the groom.

According to sources, a youth was supposed to get married to a woman of the locality. However, allegedly upset over ‘improper welcome’ by the bride’s side, the groom along with his family abruptly left the wedding venue.

The groom’s family was so upset for not being given a proper welcome by the bride’s family that they slyly left the wedding venue. Seeing the groom and his family missing, the baraatis who had come in the wedding procession also left the place.

The bride’s family tried in vain to convince the groom and his family. With no other option left, they had to approach the local police and narrated the entire sequence. After learning about the incident, cops reached out to the family of the groom and convinced them after hours of talk.

Finally, the groom along with his family and baraatis once again returned to a good welcome and married the bride.

“A police team arrived at the groom’s house, spoke with them and convinced them for the wedding,” TOI quoted Sub-inspector Alok Kumar Tiwari as saying.

“We then brought the groom and his family back to the wedding venue and solemnized their marriage in our presence,” he added.