Poonam Singh

Optical Illusions as tricky images challenge your perception and test your observation skills. They are deeply fascinating once you figure out how it works.

However, as you try to solve them, some of the images might leave you scratching your head or rubbing your eyes. The key to solving these puzzles is great focus, exceptional observational skill, and an eye for minute details. 

Hungarian graphic artist Gergely Dudas’ one such illustration has gone viral on the internet. The image challenges you to find a cat among a colony of bats. However, the challenge is you have to spot the cat within six seconds.

In the picture, you can see bats with a hidden cat among them, and what makes spotting the cat difficult is that both have been drawn in a similar manner. There are also three Halloween pumpkins in the picture as well.

Pic Credit: Instagram/thedudolfPic Credit: Instagram/thedudolf

Can you spot the cat in this optical illusion within 6 seconds in the above image? Just look at the image carefully and you can spot the cat easily. 

Some are confused after seeing the image provided here. However, some people could quickly identify. In contrast, others could not get their guesses and answers right.

Here’s a hint for those who couldn’t find the cat:

Are you stuck with the image...Have you found the cat? If not, don’t worry,  refer to the image given below to get the correct answer.

Pic Credit: Instagram/thedudolfPic Credit: Instagram/thedudolf