Poonam Singh

In our world, we often come across stories of women facing problems and struggle in their life. However, rarely do we come across men sharing their struggles in the open as societal norms often discourage them from doing so.

Like women, men too face a myriad of challenges. They may grapple with societal expectations that pressure them to conform to traditional notions of masculinity, suppressing emotions and vulnerabilities.  

This was beautifully described by an influencer’s video which explained how we never expect a man to share his struggle. Even if he is having a tough day, we expect him to set aside and do things for our family. 

In the video, a girl can be seen sitting and sharing a heartfelt note for the men by describing the struggle that a man suffers. She even shares that man is always expected to be stoic and self-reliant overlooking their struggles.

The video has struck a chord with netizens and they have flooded the comment section lauding men and their efforts.

One user wrote, “Bhot jimmedari hoti hai bhai mardo ke kandho pe.” Another commented, “it's my life but i never said to anyone. yes, Man also deserves understanding & alot love.”

A third user wrote, “Hidden words revealed😫 Huge respect for her.” A fourth one wrote, “Happy to see that at least some people understand.”