Cassian Baliarsingh

Gold prices have reached new multi-month highs recently. The precious yellow metal continues to burn holes in the customer’s pockets with the current gold rate in Odisha as of 23rd January 2023 being at Rs 58800 with GST bill.

Gold rates change almost every day depending upon various factors. However, you won’t believe, 10 gram (one tola) gold was once available for a mere Rs 113. Yes, you read that right!

An old receipt (bill) of gold that is going viral on social media shows how cheap gold was back in the day. The bill is about 64 years old and dates back to the year 1959. Isn’t that surprising? 

Even branded chocolate costs more now. According to the viral picture, the bill is from March 3, 1959, and belongs to a shop named Vaman Nimbaji Ashtekar of Maharashtra. 

The name of the buyer in the bill is Shivling Atmaram. The bill shows Shivling had bought gold and silver ornaments from the shop, the total cost of which was Rs 909. 

The bill is reminding social media users of the ‘good old days’. Netizens are amazed that Rs 100 of that time is equal to Rs 50,000 today.

A few days back, IFS officer Parveen Kaswan shared a picture of a wheat bill from the year 1987 when the price of wheat was just Rs 1.6 per kg. 

He tweeted, “Time when wheat used to be at Rs 1.6 per kg. The wheat crop my grandfather sold in 1987 to Food Corporation of India.” 

Many users pointed out that people would die of hunger if the price of wheat would have increased like gold.