Cassian Baliarsingh

There is no doubt that apps have made our lives much simpler. We can get things in a matter of few hours with just a few clicks. However, there can be some hilarious goof-ups sometimes. A Mumbai man recently ordered a delicious cake online only to end up with a goof-up. He shared his story on X (formerly known as Twitter) and it has left social media users in split.

X user Gaurav shared that it all started when he ordered a birthday cake for a friend called Isha from a bakery via Zomato. He requested the bakery ‘to send a candle, write ‘Happy Birthday Isha’ or put a happy birthday sticker and write only Isha if possib (possible).

He was shocked to receive the cake with ‘Isha Possib’ written on it. The bakery staff misinterpreted his message and wrote, ‘Isha Possib’, maybe because they did not understand the word possib meant possible.

Tagging the hilarious goof-up to Zomato, Gaurav hilariously wrote, “Hi Zomato, please increase the world limit.”

Zomato also replied hilariously and wrote, “We’ll talk to the tech team if this is possib.”

The post has gone crazy viral with hilarious reactions from social media users.

“Maybe they thought ‘if’ was the middle name for Isha Possib,” a user jokingly wrote.

Another user wrote, “I too had a similar experience. We had written on a slip to write ‘Happy Birthday Arun’. Please write fonts in Italics. We got the cake written ‘Happy Birthday Arun Font Italics.”

A third user hilariously wrote, “It is my mother’s birthday today and I’m not ordering any cake online. What is something similar happens.”