Manoj Kumar Jena

Hard work and dedication are keys to success. One can achieve the goal, if he/she pays undivided attention to it and Dr Akshata Krishnamurthy has once again proved the statement true.    

Akshata, an Indian researcher, became the first woman of the country to lead science and robotic operations on Earth and Mars from NASA. Besides, she will operate the rover, which will be sent to the Mars. 

Akshata took to her official Instagram and shared her incredible journey.   

“I came to the United States a little over 13 years ago with almost nothing but a dream to work at NASA and lead breakthrough science and robotic operations on Earth and Mars. Everyone I met told me that this was impossible as a foreign national on a visa, and that I should either have a plan B or change my field completely. I’m glad that I didn’t listen to anyone. I persevered until I found a way!"

"From getting my PhD at MIT to knocking 100s of doors to get hired full-time at NASA, nothing came easy. Today, I work on multiple cool space missions including the Perseverance rover collecting samples to bring back to Earth.”

"No dream is ever too big or crazy. Believe in yourself, keep those blinkers on and keep working! I promise, you’ll get there if you work hard.” 

Akshata also shared a video which featured the rover she is working with and wrote, “First Indian citizen to operate a rover in Mars.”

The video has amassed 7.63 lakh views and netizes have filled the comment section with praises as one user wrote, “The country is proud of you,” another user wrote, “Girl that's how a dream come true.”

Watch the video below: