Cassian Baliarsingh

A social media user’s unorthodox career advice has sparked a debate online. He suggested people should immediately quit their jobs and start selling ‘lehengas’. 

As the marriage season is here, bridal fashion has become a battleground. Every bride wants the latest ‘Sabyasachi’ and ‘Manish Malhotra’s lehengas and refuse to settle for anything less. With the high demand, shopkeepers too are making a lot of money.

So, this social media user has advised that people should leave their jobs and start selling lehengas.

“Been in Chandni chowk only 2 hours. One advice: Leave your software job and just sell lehangas. I am at a loss of words. Lehangas north of 1 lakh rupees flying off the counters,” he shared.

X user Jaglan's post has accumulated more than 1 million views and over 6,800 likes. His tweet has sparked mixed reviews from netizens and social media users.

“I'm sure but listen to this. A 40-50 sq. ft. shop here goes for ~8cr and a 400 sq. ft. showroom with 3 floors is around 80-90 cr. If you can get someone to sell. Digest that!” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Being a Clinical Psychologist I get to interact both the one who is a software engineer and the one who sells Lahnga. Both have their journey of ups and downs and it takes a lot to get success in any filed. Passing such judgemental comments for any profession is not good 👍”

“Getting into software is wayyy easier than getting into the Lehenga business in any serious way,” shared another user.