Rashmi Ranjan

With changing trending and busy work schedule, travelling via air has become a common mode of transportation for many these days. People prefer air travel which saves a lot of time. 

But, while waiting for the flight, there are many travellers who think twice to go for a meal at the food courts available at the airport due to the highly-priced menu.

Recently, a Twitter user Madhur Singh has raised the topic on the micro-blogging site and dropped a video enjoying homemade aloo paratha at the airport while waiting for the flight.

Taking to Twitter, Singh wrote, “Travelling in flights have become easier for middle class but the societal pressure of buying Rs 400 worth dosa and Rs 100 worth water bottle is still too damn high. My mom packed Aalu parathe for our journey to Goa and we ate them at the airport, with nimbu ka achaar.”

As soon as he dropped the video, many Twitter users heaped praise on him for taking up the topic and supported him. The video has so far garnered around 3.83 lakh views, more than 2200 retweets and 24000 likes.

“You are right. And I never realized that middle class people are still so conscious about status. I hate airport food. Whenever I’d pack my lunch/dinner box, I do. And that is something to be proud about that my mom/wife cares enough to pack my food,” a user commented, while another wrote, “Nothing beats maa ke haath ke aloo parathe.”

“This is perfect. I do this all the time on by business trips. It’s healthy that way,” another user commented.