Cassian Baliarsingh

In a heart-wrenching incident, a man has rekindled hope in humanity as he gifted a poor Uber driver’s little daughter with a schoolbag after learning that the girl was pleading to her father. The man had booked an Uber when his driver got a call from his daughter.

In the phone, the little girl could be heard pleading for a schoolbag to her father. However, the Uber driver, struggling to pay EMIs, found it difficult to fulfill her wish. Seeing the struggling father pacify his little daughter, the man decided to show an act of kindness.

Sharing the entire story on his X handle, the man wrote, “I booked an Uber cab today, the driver picked me and he started the ride. During the ride, he got calls and he disconnected 2-3 times. After that I insisted him to pick up the call. He did and the sound from the other side was quite audible to me.”

He continued:

"It was his daughter and she was asking for a school bag. The driver repeatedly tried to ignore first but later he asked his daughter to hand over the phone to his wife. He said “I am trying to save little money but can’t afford to buy a new bag atleast in next 2-3 days as I recently bought books for our daughter and need to pay monthly bills.

I changed the drop location while he was on call with his wife and as soon as we arrived I asked the driver to come with me. The thing I was going to buy is quite heavy”. The driver (a humble man) came with me without asking me anything. I took him to a bag store and bought one school bag.

I made the payment from my wife’s account as I didn’t have enough in my account. I handed over the bag to him. He was speechless and just thanked me. Without saying a word we reached out to the car and I said “do give your daughter a surprise today.

He asked me for my number and I took a picture, which I sent him. After an hour he sent me a picture of his daughter smiling like an angel. This one picture was more valuable than any money could buy. We often come across bad drivers using services like #Ola or #Uber but sometimes we meet Superheroes also known as Fathers.

I don’t have words, how rich I feel after this. But gratitude to each and every father who never let their kids down. Even in the worst situation they are going through. I am sure my wife won’t get angry on me for spending from her money. Just be kind and help anyone in need, the world would look beautiful.”