Cassian Baliarsingh

A hospital ward in Kolkata turned into a wedding venue for a couple after the bride fell ill just moments before their much-awaited marriage ceremony. Instead of calling up their marriage, the couple decided to tie the knot in the hospital on the same ‘muhurat’ earlier decided by their family members.

The touching story of the couple reported from a hospital in Durgapur, West Bengal transcends all boundaries and has captured the hearts of many.

Sucharita Patra, a microbiologist employed in Delhi, had long waited for her special day with a Noida-based engineer Amit Mukherjee. The couple was to get married in a lavish ceremony and the arrangements was done. Unfortunately, the bride diagnosed with viral hepatitis just two days before her marriage, and got herself hospitalized due to stomach pain.

Undeterred, the groom decided to recreate Shahid Kapoor’s ‘Vivah’ and marry the bride inside the hospital. With the nod from both their family members, the couple exchanged garlands and performed all the traditional rituals, surrounded by their near and dear ones, the hospital staff, doctors, nurses and fellow patients.

According to sources, the family had initially sought permission from the hospital authorities for Sucharita to be taken out in an ambulance for just an hour to conduct the marriage rituals. However, the authorities at the Life Care Hospital took a compassionate step and granted special permission to allow the wedding to take place inside the hospital ward.