Cassian Baliarsingh

The start-up capital Bengaluru is known for ‘jugaads’ that can only happen in the IT Hub of India. From an auto-rickshaw driver being an IT engineer to a roadside vendor being a crorepati, Bengaluru has seen it all. The saying, ‘Never judge a book by its cover,’ proves apt for Bengaluru. One can never judge anything here. Apart from being known as the hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, Bengaluru is also known for its peak moments.

The latest to join the "peak Bengaluru" moment is a man who hired a Swiggy delivery boy to handle his complaint at an Apple store. Frustrated with customer care representatives, the man sent a Swiggy boy to handle his complaint. The hilarious incident was shared on Twitter by a Twitterati identified as Shankar Ganesh.

Taking to Twitter, Ganesh wrote, “A person sent a Dunzo or Swiggy Genie guy to the Imagine Apple Store here and spoke to the staff through his phone (to bypass centralized call centres).

Just @peakbengaluru things I guess.” Since being posted online, the tweet has garnered nearly 923 likes' and hundreds of amused comments. Twitteratis could not agree more with it to be typical Bengaluru behavior. Many were impressed with his ''brilliant'' idea that they thought would be an idea for another start-up. One user wrote, ''Absolutely brilliant stuff,'' while another wrote, “Print this, stick it on your desk and look at it every time that you think you’ve reached the limit for defining use cases for your product.” Another wrote, “Up next: Someone productizing this as a startup while another commented: “Takes notes”. A fourth user wrote, ''Shows the sorry state of affairs of customer service even in the best of companies!” Besides, another user shared how he had hired a Dunzo delivery guy and wrote, “I once hired a Dunzo delivery guy to chase a bus,” while a curious user commented, “Was the issue resolved finally? I usually visit the Service Center near Sony signal, Koramangala. They were quite helpful.”