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Industrialist Anand Mahindra recently shared a video where one can be seen flying with the help of a Jetsuit and hoped such suits can be used in rescue operations in India.

Sharing the video, Anand requested the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) to explore options if such jetsuits can be used in critical rescue operations and emergencies to save lives.

"Another futuristic mobility machine which won’t soon be a mass commuting device but will have powerful niche applications. The Jetsuit could transform rescue ops. Would like to see it deployed by @NDRFHQ," he tweeted.



Commenting on the same, a Twitterati wrote, "Flying a jetpack has been a childhood dream for a lot of kids @anandmahindra. Hope this tech gets the proper research and experimentation that is needed to let that happen :)."

On the possible use of such suits, another user wrote, "But the Shoulder & Back  Must be strong 💪 enough to Hold for direction & Maintaining ⬆️ Upthrust .For http://1.Safety if jetSuit Failed by change there must be A Safety Glide to be  Auto Open . 2nd  Instead of liquid Gasoline Use Gas Cylinder / FuelCell Battery 🔋."

"This Suit need to be Develop in 3 type For 1st one is General Purpose Delivery 📦 Services  2. Medical Care 3. Enhancement for Defence, Fire fighting & Rescue Operations . For fire rescue In Multi Storage Building also in Zoo , Water rescue 🛟. This Suit is Blessing for Mankind," he added.

The above video was originally shared by MachinePix (Twitter handle). Sharing the video, it had written, "The Great North Air Ambulance Service testing a Gravity Industries' jetsuit for mountain rescue."