Cassian Baliarsingh

Known for its bustling tech scene and vibrant culture, Bengaluru is often in the news for things that can only happen in the Silicon Valley of India. While the city is known for technology, innovations, and jobs, it also has a bad name for heavy traffic and bizarre high rates.

While Bengalureans are already battling high house rents, costly food prices, and expensive Ola and Uber rides from the airport to the city, reports of shopping malls collecting huge amounts as parking fees have further added to the headache.

A shopping mall charging a ‘premium parking’ fee of Rs 1,000/hour has raised eyebrows among locals. An X user Ishan Vaish shared a picture of the price hike notice and wrote, “Such things exist in India!! And this ain’t the airport.”

Since being shared online, the post has sparked debate online with netizens divided over the over-price.

A user wrote, “Government controls only services /items provided/sold by poor people such as auto/cab fares, water tanker rates, etc. But close eyes for such bizarre pricing of parking fees, school fees, layers/hospital charges, rates in multiplexes, parking in hospitals and the list goes on.”

“This is crazy and may have existed forever, but who cares for the common people,” another user commented.

A third user wrote, “What's so big deal if a porchse, Jugaar, ferrari owner pays 1000 per hr, they can afford. Alto, 800, Wagon R, etc to park at home and come by metro, bus…”