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Relationships and dating in this modern era can be really got weird over the years. Unlike previous days, one-woman man & one-man woman concept, people these days tend to change partners and jump into new relationships in every opportunity.

Breakup and divorces have become so common that it is terrifying to know how many partners your boyfriend/girlfriend had in the past. Amidst all these bizarre concepts, a new and unique phenomenon has reached India where people can hire a girl/boy as a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Yes, you read that right! This concept of ‘rental boyfriend’ and ‘rental girlfriend’ first started in Japan where people are hired to provide companionship, go on dates, attend events, or simply spend time temporarily.


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Now, this concept has also reached India and an Indian woman recently shook things up on social media after she shared her price chart on Instagram.

Sharing a mirror selfie of herself, the woman wrote, “Single? Willing to go on a date? Rent me for a day and let’s create some amazing memories together!” She also added her price chart that showed, “Chill Coffee Date – Rs 1500, Normal Date (Dinner & Movie – Rs 2000, Meeting with family- Rs 3000, Event companion – Rs 3500, Bike Date (holding hands and all) – Rs 4000, Public Post about our date – Rs 6000, and more, going up to Rs 10,000.

Her Instagram post caught the attention of social media users who jumped into the comments section and left their impression about the new trend. However, a section of people weren’t too happy with her post and brutally trolled her.

“Bathroom saaf krwana ha uske liye? Imagine the pain on her dad when he will see this!,” commented a user.

“Assignments likhna ka kitna paise logi 🤔,” shared another user.

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