Cassian Baliarsingh

The season of weddings is going on in full swing in India. It seems like the whole of India is currently getting married with pictures and videos going viral on social every day.

People adopt new ways to make their and their loved ones' marriages memorable. One such incident has come to the fore in Gujarat’s Navsari district.

You must have often seen the bride or groom make and entry in expensive cars. But, this groom bucking the trend of using a car or a horse, decided to make a grand entry in a JCB.

This hilarious incident has become a topic of much discussion among the people. When asked, the groom said he wanted to do something different and unique for his marriage.

He always wanted a grand entry during his marriage, so he chose the JCB. He added that he got the idea from social media. The video of his grand entry is now going viral on social media.

In the video, we can see the JCB fully decorated with flowers and colorful white and dark blue cloth draped, covering the front of the vehicle. The groom along with his family members is seen sitting in the beefy bucket of the JCB machine.

“Many people take their marriage procession in big and expensive cars. I wanted to do something different and that is the reason why we came in a JCB. I got the idea from YouTube,” the groom said. The video has become an instant hit on social media.

Bulldozers and JCB machines hogged the limelight after the UP government started razing down structures over ‘anti-social’ activities.