Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Every newly-married couple waits eagerly for the honeymoon night . However, anyone will get shocked after learning that a groom preferred to hide in his neighbour’s house while his bride was waiting for him.
Yes, such a bizarre incident has been reported by a local newspaper in Uttar Pradesh.

Recently, a newspaper cutting surfaced with the headline reading: On honeymoon night, groom felt ashamed, went to neighbour's house to hide.

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According to the local newspaper, “A groom suddenly disappeared from his house on his honeymoon night. His family members got worried as to where the groom had gone and searched for him throughout the night. However, he was hiding in this neighbour’s house.”

Further, the report read, “Later, the next day in the morning, when he turned on his mobile phone, his family members contacted him. When asked, why he took such a step, he admitted that he felt embarrassed for which he couldn’t muster the courage whole night to come back home.”

It is certainly mysterious why the groom ran away on the day of the honeymoon. However, it is difficult to prove the authenticity of the newspaper report as certain people manipulate the newspaper pages through Photoshop usually for memes.  However, the picture going viral on the internet has left the netizens shocked.