Poonam Singh

The term "illusion" finds its origins in the Latin word "illudere," signifying mockery or trickery. Essentially, an optical illusion operates on the fundamental concept of deceiving the human brain by cleverly tricking it. 

There are three types of optical illusions- literal, physiological, and cognitive. What makes these illusions intriguing is their ability to captivate the observer's attention momentarily, contributing to the enhancement and sharpening of cognitive functions.

With Christmas just around the corner, Hungarian graphic artist Gergely Dudas has created a viral Christmas-themed illustration that's caught the internet's attention.

So if you are an optical illusion enthusiast, this festive illusion can intrigue you. It challenges you to spot three candy canes and birds hidden among the sea of smiling snowmen within 9 seconds.

The picture shows a sea of smiling snowmen. What makes them difficult to spot the three candy canes and bird hidden is that it is perfectly camouflaged between the snowmen.

Pic Credit: Instagram/dudolfPic Credit: Instagram/dudolf

Have you spotted the candy canes and bird in the image? Individuals with keen vision will find the candy canes and bird within the time limit. The key to solving this one is to examine the image carefully.

Have you already spotted the candy canes and birds? If you are yet to find candy canes and birds, no need to worry as we have the solution for you here. Check, the image below. We have highlighted the answer for you.

Pic Credit: dudolf.comPic Credit: dudolf.com