Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre incident, a tipsy man who was caught driving in an inebriated state hatched a hilarious scheme to elude cops that involves his furry, tail-wagging companion. To evade arrest, the drunken man swaged the driver’s seat with his pet dog.

The cops were furious to find the dog behind the wheels of the car. The hilarious incident has been reported from Colorado in the United States.

According to reports, the drunken man was driving at 52mph in a 30-mph zone. In order to avoid getting charged at a traffic stop, he switched positions and made the dog take the driver’s seat and sat in the passenger seat.

When the cops approached him, he tried to argue and denied being driving the vehicle. However, the cops noticed that he was totally intoxicated.

When asked about his alcohol consumption, he later tried to escape. However, the cops chased him and arrested him. The dog was later handed over to a friend of the man for care until he was out of jail.

He has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired, driving under suspension, speeding 20-24 miles over the limit and resisting arrest. 

Meanwhile, investigations revealed that he had two active arrest warrants against him.