Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre incident, a groom failed to show up for his own wedding after reportedly drinking the whole night before. He was so intoxicated that he failed to remember that he had to go to his wedding and was found sleeping on his wedding day.

The bizarre incident has been reported from Bhagalpur’s Sultanganj village in Bihar. A furious bride then called off the wedding after he reached late at the wedding, that too still in hangover.

His family members and fellow villagers woke up him and took him to the bride’s village. However, the bride cancelled the wedding and declared that she would never marry a man who did not recognise his own responsibilities.

The groom’s family later had to repay all the expenses of the marriage preparations to the bride’s family. Infuriated, the bride’s family and villagers held the groom and his villagers hostage and taught them a lesson before letting them go.

The local police had to intervene to bring the situation under control. The matter was solved after the police intervened in the matter.
A day back, there were reports that a groom from UP called off his wedding because his bride secured low marks in her Class 12 exam. However, the bride’s family alleged that the groom was demanding dowry.

In another incident, a newlywed bride eloped with her lover barely a week after her wedding. She took away all the jewellery, cash and other precious items with her and eloped with her paramour.

In another incident, also from UP, the family members of a bride and groom turned the wedding venue into a battleground after a fight broke out over clicking pictures with the newlywed couple first.