Cassian Baliarsingh

A pet dog saved its owner from being bitten by a dangerous mamba snake that was hiding under his couch in the living room. Initially, the man thought it was weird that his pet dog – a Rottweiler, was constantly barking and pushing him away from his couch, one he sits on every afternoon.

However, as the dog continued barking at the back of the couch, the owner eventually realised something was wrong. He later moved the couch to find a huge mamba snake under it.

The story was shared on Facebook and netizens cannot stop praising the brave dog for its courageous act. Apart from the dog, the netizens are also heaping praise on its owner for saving the pet.

After the owner pushed the couch and spotted the snake, his pet dog tried to attack it. This might have led to the snake biting his dog. So, without any delay, the owner immediately pulled his dog and locked it inside a room before he called the snake helpline.

In most cases, the owners leave their dogs to fight off the snake and that eventually might lead to its death. South African snake catcher Nick Evans posted the encounter in a Facebook post.

Sharing the story, Evans wrote, “A man in Escombe, Queensburgh, thought it was strange that his Rottweiler was pushing him away from his couch, that he sits on every afternoon. After two days of this behavior, and when he noticed the dog barking at the back of the couch. He moved the couch, and there was a Black Mamba!”

"In that moment, with the snake now more exposed, the Rottweiler ran in to attack this creature it saw as a threat. The homeowner grabbed the large dog as it ran past, just in time, and dragged it inside," the post read.

"That may not sound like much, but I was super impressed by the homeowner's actions. Not everyone could react fast like that in a moment like that,” it added.