Cassian Baliarsingh

The air quality of New Delhi continues to remain in the very poor category, making it the most polluted city in the country. The National Capital on Saturday woke up to a smog-engulfed morning.

The pollution is increasing day by day and at times residents find it difficult to breathe. Meanwhile, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) artist has visualised what New Delhi will look like in the future if the pollution continues.

Taking to his Twitter handle, the artist shared images that are scary and frightening. The images show Delhi filled with smog and bad air while people horrifyingly wearing masks in the polluted areas. In the pictures, we can see children and elderly people looking gloomy wearing masks.

The series of images also show that the Taj Mahal is engulfed with smog. The scary image will tend to trigger fear.

Sharing the images, the Twitter user wrote, “What will New Delhi and its battle with pollution look like in the future? Visualized using AI.”

The Twitter user Madhav Kohli’s post has garnered over 10.6K likes with 211 likes and counting. The images remind social media users of Chornobyl, a nuclear disaster that happened in then Soviet Union in 1986.

Many social media users were saddened by the images and shared their views in the comment section.

“Really sad seeing these pictures,” wrote a user while another user commented, “Transformers are coming.”

A third user commented, “HI Madhav, I just cruised through your account. All the pictures generated by AI are great somehow they are dark and bit scary side, especially portraits. Not sure what AI has been cooking.”

However, another user was not too happy with the AI-generated images and pointed out that they showed India in a poor light.

He wrote, “Looks like the AI algorithms are trained in such a way that it imagines India with deep poverty.”