Cassian Baliarsingh

There are several proverbs and quotes to inspire us at hard times. However, as humans we have to understand that we cannot get everything our way. Sometimes, despite every effort we fail to get the desired results.

That is the truth of life. Sometimes we fail, sometimes we succeed. A chartered accountant (CA) aspirant through her Twitter post has reminded netizens that it is ok to fail sometimes.

The CA aspirant, who failed by 12 marks, shared her emotional journey on Twitter.

Taking to her Twitter handle, she wrote, “So, Yes! I failed by 12 marks. But that doesn’t mean that I had put any less efforts or I don’t deserve it. Sometimes we fight through everything, but at the end we cannot fight against our own fate.”

Her emotional yet inspiring post has garnered over 149.7K views with over 2,410 likes and counting.

She further went on to write, “I fall and I stand back again and again, and watching me do this, people think it’s not a big deal for me. But honestly it takes every ounce of blood to fall and stand back again. To accept the fact that you put your 100 percent and yet the time was not by our side is like hell.”

“When a person is successful and they narrate their failure is easier than a person who is going through failure and accepting it loudly in front of the world, because the fact is that failure doesn’t lessen your worth it just makes you stronger.”

“But don’t stop, someday it will be yours, just yours. And that day no matter how unfavourable things are you will still succeed,” she concluded.