Odishatv Bureau

Flowers, hearts, chocolates, teddies, and gifts- all encapsulate the meaning of the celebration of Valentine's Day across the globe. But do you know there are also some places, where Valentine's Day is unloved or even stated as forbidden with terms like 'religion concerns' and 'Western culture spread'? 

From being arrested to the threats of forced marriage, here are some countries where V-Day celebration poses dangerous threats for lovers.

Saudi Arabia

As one of the major Muslim nations in the Southwest Asia region, in Saudi Arabia, public display of love was prohibited. However, with the change in their religious head now young people can celebrate this festival legally.


With a long history and diverse culture, this Islam-dominated country was celebrating Valentine's Day until 2012, when there was an internal decree banning the celebration of V-Day. Instead, they celebrate the birthday of Babur, a Mughal emperor and the country's hero.


Although V-Day is not banned in legal terms in Indonesia, in some parts of the country where they have radical Muslim views, the celebration of V-Day is outright banned. 


This Islamic country known for its religious clerics has banned the production of all gift items for V-Day, with a viewpoint stating this celebration is a spread of Western culture. 


Although University students and flower vendors support the celebration of V-Day, in 2018, it was banned after a private citizen petitioned the Islamabad High Court.


Issuing a fatwa or religious ruling in 2005, Malaysian authorities have prohibited the celebration of Valentine's Day, stating this is a way to cause moral decay and bring disaster. People who celebrate it may get arrested.

By- Supalee Dalai