Bibhu Prasad Ray

A man from Chennai has left the internet stunned by clicking a picture in front of the soon-to-be-released Rolls-Royce Spectre EV while wearing casual attire and sandals. Although the opulent all-electric vehicle made by the well-known British carmaker hasn't yet made its way to the Indian market, Baashyaam Yuvaraj is already the vehicle's first happy owner. 

Baashyaam Yuvaraj is a builder who is known for his construction business in Chennai. 

Even before the official launch in the domestic markets, Baashyaam Yuvaraj received the delivery of Rolls Royce Spectre. 

This excellent Rolls Royce is the first electric vehicle from the century-old carmaker. Its on-road price is around Rs 10.5 crore.

The Spectre is a very big, ultra-luxury coupe with dimensions of more than two metres in width and 5.45 metres in length. It boasts the biggest Rolls-Royce grille ever installed two doors, and four seats which give an aerodynamic look. 

Since the picture went viral, the post has received a range of responses where some have focused on the remarkable characteristics of the Rolls-Royce Spectre EV while others lauded Baashyaam Yuvaraj for his calm demeanor.

Netizens were quick to share their views on X platform praising the down-to-earth gesture by the Chennai builder. 

One user wrote, "Irrespective of wealth and status, all Chennai dudes are dressed like this with those same sandals."

Another user wrote "Massive respect."

“Grounded Man,” wrote another user.