Poonam Singh

Illusion is derived from the Latin word illusio or illusionem, which means to mock or trick. Therefore, the basic idea of an optical illusion is to deceive the brain by tricking it. 

The attraction of optical illusions is that they capture your attention and compel you to solve them. While some of these make you scratch your head and rub your eyes as you try to solve them, some appear to be very easy like child’s play.

The image that was shared above depicts a scene filled with watermelons.

 You can see watermelons of various sizes with three rabbits in the image. 

Hidden in the watermelons are five seedless watermelons and the challenge for you is to spot the seedless watermelons within 15 seconds.

Pic Credit- Instagram/thedudolf
Pic Credit- Instagram/thedudolf

The image shared above is a simple way to test your observational skills and intelligence. 

Can you spot the five seedless watermelons in the image? 

Individuals with keen vision will spot the seedless watermelon within seconds. The key to solving this one is to examine the image carefully.

You can check the spoiler alert below: 

Have you already spotted the seedless watermelons? If you are yet to spot the watermelons, no need to worry as we have the solution for you here.  Check, the locations of the watermelons are marked with black circles.

Pic Credit- Instagram/thedudolf
Pic Credit- Instagram/thedudolf