Cassian Baliarsingh

In an unusual turn of events, a bride eloped with her boyfriend on the pretext of going to the beauty parlour to get a makeover. The poor groom had to return empty-handed with his baraat.

Police registered a case based on a complaint by the bride’s father and launched a manhunt to find the woman and her boyfriend. The bizarre incident has been reported from Kanpur’s Chaubepur village.

According to sources, the bride left home on the pretext of going to the beauty parlour to get ready. Dressed in a red outfit, the bride later left the beauty parlour for the wedding venue. However, midway she met her boyfriend and fled with him in the wedding attire.

Family members were worried after she did not show up at the wedding venue. When the bride’s family enquired, they found out that she had run away with her boyfriend. This led to chaos at the wedding function after the groom’s family learnt about the incident.

Sources said, the bride was in a relationship with a man in Lucknow. However, her family was not in favour of the relationship and wanted her to get married to someone from their community. Hence, they went back to their village of Chaubepur in Kanpur and fixed her marriage somewhere else.

Although the bride was getting ready for the marriage as per her family’s wish, she was already in touch with her boyfriend on the phone. On the other hand, the groom’s family alleged that they faced humiliation due to the girl’s love affair.