Cassian Baliarsingh

Things took an ugly turn for a groom after he allegedly slapped his bride following an altercation at the wedding. The furious bride not only called off the wedding but also lodged a complaint against the groom and his family.

The matter reached the police station and has become the talk of the town. The bizarre incident has been reported from Karhal town of Mainpuri in Uttar Pradesh.

According to sources, the marriage of a youth from Karhal was fixed with a girl from a village in Basrehar. As per the marriage schedule, the groom reached the wedding venue along with his baraat. Dressed in a beautiful lehenga, the bride also arrived for the Jaimala and all the rituals were conducted smoothly.

However, the bride and groom, following the Jaimala, broke out in an altercation at the mandap over some issue. Angered, the bride went back to her room. The groom also angrily followed her to her room and the two broke out in an altercation once again.

Things escalated after the groom lost his temper and slapped the bride. Furious, the bride refused to marry the groom and decided to call off the wedding. Not only this, she even reached the police station with a complaint.

Local police had to intervene and bring the situation under control. Karhal inspector in-charge Lalit Bhati made both the parties understand and made a compromise between the two parties after which the bride took back her complaint and agreed to marry the groom.

After the bride withdrew her complaint, the groom took the bride to his house where the rest of the wedding rituals were completed.

“There was some dispute among the couple. Everything is fine now. I am very happy to have my daughter-in-law at home. All these things keep happening in marriages,” said the groom’s mother.