Cassian Baliarsingh

As Indian kids, there are certain things that we do not want our parents to know. Especially, drinking, smoking, night-out, and a few more habits that desi parents think are negative and might ruin our life.

They may be correct to some extent, but a lot of youngsters want to try it and there are a few who want to live that negative life. Well, everything is fine until and unless you are doing a few things just for the experience. However, it should never become an addiction.

Once it becomes an addiction, then there is no turning back and it would turn parents' fear into a nightmare. Such a nightmare was experienced after a youth accidentally shared a picture of a beer can on his family WhatsApp group.

A big fan of Mumbai Indians, the boy shared a can of beer on the family WhatsApp group cheering for MI. A furious father saw the picture and soon questioned, ‘Kyaaa? (what).

Soon, his mother also questioned, “Tum beer peete ho (So, you drink beer?)

Now that he was caught red-handed by his parents, the boy just disappeared and went offline. The hilarious turn of events was shared by the boy’s sister who took to Twitter and shared a screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation.

There’s no denying that the post went viral, eliciting a wide range of hilarious comments from social media users.

“Is he still alive?” questioned one user with laughing emojis.

Another user wrote, “Usko boldo aaj ghar na aye (with laughing emojis).”

“Now, he is rightly eligible for creating ‘how to do self damage’ course,” wrote a third user.

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