Cassian Baliarsingh

Billionaire Nicolas Puech is planning to pass on a fortune of $11 billion for his 51-year-old gardener, reports said. 80-year-old Nicolas, the heir of ‘Hermes Paris’, is planning to adopt his gardener as his legal child and pass on all his fortune.

Nicolas is the fifth-generation heir and grandson of ‘Hermes Paris’ original founder Thierry Hermes, who founded the luxury fashion house in1837. He is unmarried and owns around 5%-6% of the $220 billion valued company, worth between 9 billion and 100 billion Swiss Francs (between $10.3 - $11.4 billion).

According to Fortune, Nicolas has decided to pass all his wealth to his former gardener and handyman. He has reportedly even hired a legal team to take him through the process. The unnamed gardener, who is married to a Spanish woman has two children and will inherit Nicolas’ wealth.

If reports are to be believed, Nicolas has already handed keys to his major properties in Marrakesh, Morocco, and a villa in Motreux, Switzerland worth a combined total of $5.9 million to his gardener.

However, Nicolas is facing challenges in the adoption process, as an adult in Switzerland can adopt another adult only if they lived together for at least a year when the adoptee was still a minor.