Poonam Singh

In Bengaluru, a signboard displaying the ominous warning 'Beware of Smartphone Zombies' has seized public attention, igniting a widespread debate on the prevalent issue of smartphone addiction.

The stark image portrays two stick figures engrossed in their phones, oblivious to their surroundings, serving as a poignant reminder of the growing digital distraction epidemic.

The term 'Smartphone Zombies' refers to individuals so absorbed in their devices that they resemble the walking dead, disconnected from the physical world.

This behaviour not only leads to decreased productivity and social disconnection but also poses safety risks, especially when navigating busy streets while glued to phones.

Shared by user @prakritea17 with the caption, "This signboard in BLR singlehandedly attacked our entire generation," the photo quickly went viral, prompting a flurry of reactions from the public. 

Comments ranged from humorous observations to calls for increased awareness about responsible phone usage, particularly while crossing busy intersections.

Here are some of the reactions of users:

Notably, in India, smartphone addiction is alarmingly high, affecting an estimated 39% to 44% of the population. Teenagers are particularly vulnerable, facing potential health and psychological consequences. The root cause of this addiction lies in the dopamine release triggered by notifications, creating a cycle of temporary pleasure followed by a letdown.