Cassian Baliarsingh

The IT Hub of India, Bengaluru is glowing in the hues of pink as cherry blossoms are in full bloom in the month of love. The entire city is currently cloaked in a beautiful shade of pink, as the pink trumpet flowers adorn the city with its colours.

Bengalureans cannot stop falling in love with their city, the center of India’s high-tech industry. Apart from its parks and nightlife, Bengaluru is home to these beautiful pink trumpet flowers that come from a neotropical tree called ‘Tabebuia Rosea’.

As it is the season of their growth, the trees have turned the traffic-ingested city into a beautiful hill station. Excited residents are busy clicking pictures and videos and sharing them on social media platforms to showcase the stunning beauty.

With the flower trees everywhere, the city is looking like a dream, leaving everyone excited. Many social media users shared amazing pictures from their own locations and also urged others to share more pictures and witness the beauty of these trees.

Worth mentioning, Tabebuia Rosea is a species native to Mexico and Ecuador and primarily grows in the wet tropical biome. It can be utilized for food and fuel, as well as medicinal and environmental purposes.

These beautiful trees usually flower in the months of January and February, as if to commemorate the month of love.