Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre incident, a youth in Bengaluru was denied a house for rent by a flat owner just because he has scored 75% in Class XII. A viral chat shows that the house owner is looking for a tenant who has scored 90% in Class 12.

Though the bizarre demands of Bengaluru house owners are not something new, the condition for 90% scorers has caught the attention of social media users.

A Twitter user shared a few screenshots of the chat between the tenant and the broker and wrote, “Marks don’t decide your future, but it definitely decides whether you get a flat in Bangalore or not.”

The chat starts with the broker asking for the tenant's LinkedIn/Twitter profile. “Hey, Yogesh, sorry to bother you this late I just want to update you that the owner has approved your profile. Kindly share your LinkedIn/Twitter profile as well with a copy of your joining certificate of the company you joined, 10-12th mark sheet, and docs like Aadhaar and Pan Card,” the broker writes. 

The tenant then replies, “I will send you in the morning.”

Again the broker writes, “Also, can you please share a 150-200 write-up about yourself (the owner is asking).”

After the tenant sends his write-up and all the mark sheets, he is shocked to know that the owner has rejected him because he scored 75% in Class 12.

The broker’s message reads, “Hey Yogesh, I sent your docs and write-up to the owner. Sorry, but he rejected your profile because you’ve got 75% in Class 12th and the owner is expecting at least 90%.”

After the story was shared on Twitter, it received over 1M views with 11.9K likes and 1548 retweets.

“Bro it’s true. Also if you tell your maid that you work in some IT company, she will ask you for 30K monthly for the households, and by any chance if you are able to convince her that you don’t work in IT, then the charges drop down to 9K,” wrote a user.

Another user wrote, “Soon, we will have an entrance exam for Bangalore flats.”