Cassian Baliarsingh

A quirky message by a Bengaluru auto-rickshaw driver proves why the Silicon Valley of Valley of India is altogether on a different level compared to other cities. Apart from being known for its startups, new innovations and IT hub, Bengaluru is known for things that can only happen there.

Auto-rickshaws are usually a mode of transport in other parts of India, but in Bengaluru, the three-wheelers serve as canvases for quirky messages. A message on an auto-rickshaw reading ‘No Compromise, Only Fight’ has caught the attention of social media users and netizens cannot stop ROFL.

The post has been going crazy viral after an X user Akshat Tak shared a picture of the message written on the auto-rickshaw. Taking to X, Akshat shared a screenshot of the auto-rickshaw and wrote, “Peak Bengaluru moment. Bangalore auto-rickshaw slogans are the best in the world.”

Since being shared online, the post has gone viral with hilarious reactions from social media users.

Earlier, a picture of an auto-rickshaw went viral that wrote LOVE means L – Loss of Money, O – Out of mind, V – Vest of Time, and E – End of Life. 

Similarly, another auto-rickshaw had a message that read, ‘Rickshaw Mein Chahe Khaleen Bhai Baithe Ya Munna, Bhada Same Hoga’.