Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Humans tend to commit errors while carrying out any work. The prime reasons for committing errors include being distracted, unintelligent or uninformed. While some errors can cause a huge loss, some invite trolls and trigger hilarious memes.

Social media is a hub to find content that will tickle your funny bones and leave you rolling on floors, laughing. 

Here we bring one such image that has recently gone viral on social media and has also triggered hilarious memes. 

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The viral image is of standing signage reportedly placed at an airport lounge by the Airport Authority of India.

As per the signboard, passengers and all others are strictly prohibited from ‘eating carpet’.

Though sounds weird, it is true. 

The signboard reads: Airports Authority of India ‘फ़र्श पर खाना मन्ना है’ Eating Carpet Strictly Prohibited. (sic)

Well, though the Airports Authority of India did not mean so, the signage made a serious grammar error.

The original source of this image couldn’t be traced. But, the image has gone viral on social media with netizens sharing the image massively. 

Musician, music composer and singer Adnan Sami couldn’t resist himself sharing the image with a caption reading: Glad we have that cleared up! #SentenceConstruction

This image has triggered hilarious comments from netizens. (sic)

One user wrote, “When the deadline is near and you don't have time to proofread your assignment.” (sic)

Another wrote, “Sir aap 'on ' ko lift karado. Thoda sa toh lift karado.” (sic)

A third user wrote, “Johnny Johnny,  yes papa. Eating carpet, No pappa” (sic)

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