Cassian Baliarsingh

An auto-driver from Bengaluru has become the internet’s latest sensation after racing against time to help a customer catch his train. He has been reminding fans of a particular scene from Imtiaz Ali’s blockbuster movie ‘Jab We Met’.

There is a scene in ‘Jab We Met’ where Shahid Kapoor races a car to help Kareena catch her train. Something similar happened to a man in Bengaluru after an auto-driver helped a man catch a train.

Sharing his experience on X, the user wrote, “Had a #peakBengaluru experience some days back. I was supposed to board Prashanti express at 1:40 pm from SBC station and due to some work commitments I started by 12:50 from Marathalli. The distance was 17 kms and due to traffic I couldn’t make it on time.”

“While my cab just entered the station road , some curious auto drivers started enquiring if i am here to board the prashanti express, i said yes and they all were like “its gone”.  I was still seeing the train in “where’s my train “ app and hence decided to move to the platform.”

“All this while a auto driver kept following me saying its gone , i still persisted to move to the platform no 4 , but before I could reach it I saw that the train left as per the tracking app. I stopped walking , just then the auto driver caught up with me and said don’t worry.”

“He said I can help you board the train in next station which was 27 kms away (Yelhanka junction) I was skeptical however he was v confident that he can and asked to only pay him if I am able to catch the train. I had my friend with me and he asked 2500 for both.”

“By this time it was already 1:50 and the yehlanka stop was at 2:20pm. I contemplated that if i need to book a flight now it would cost thrice the fare and my 2AC ticket would also gone waste hence we decided to go for it.”

“The next 25 min we experienced the most crazy auto drive ever. The driver zoomed past traffic and took as many shortcuts as possible. He even waved past some of his friends who were in the same pursuit to catch the train for some other passengers like us.”

“We reached the station comfortably by 2:15 and had 5 more minutes while the train reached. Thanks to this guy we saved a lot of money.”