Twitter.com has started switching over to X.com on iOS.

When users copy and post URLs from the share sheet in the X app for iOS, the links now initiate with "x.com" rather than the more familiar "twitter.com", reports The Verge.

Currently, clicking on x.com links on the web continues to redirect users to twitter.com.

However, the complete transition to using x.com will likely happen soon.

Last month, X-owner Elon Musk had said that "X.com" now directs to "twitter.com."

Last week, X had rebranded the social media dashboard application for management, TweetDeck, with the new name 'XPro.'

Now, if users visit the TweetDeck website while logged out, they will see "XPro" written at the top of the page.

According to the company, "XPro is a convenient way to view multiple timeline columns in one easy interface."

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Musk had put up signs and things from the Twitter building for an auction.

The bidding for the auction named 'Twitter Rebranding: Online Auction Featuring Memorabilia, Art, Office Assets & More!' will start on September 12 and is planned to finish two days later.

According to auction house Heritage Global Partners, the minimum bid for each item is $25.

Coffee tables, large bird cages and oil paintings of pictures that went viral are among the pieces that are up for auction.

Other listed items include a lot of desks and chairs, a DJ booth, and enough musical instruments to equip a band.

One of the listed Twitter signs is still affixed to the company's headquarters on 10th Street in San Francisco.

"Bird is still mounted on side of the building. Buyer is responsible for hiring an SF Licensed Company with appropriate Permits," the listing mentioned.