Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The latest technology is gaining immense popularity in today's scenario, where everyone seems to have a keen interest in tech gadgets. 

This trend has led to the widespread circulation of new inventions on social media.

One of the noteworthy advancements is the emergence of a new technology that allows text to be transformed into videos in real-time, providing an immersive experience.

Various platforms are entering this space, with Pika Labs standing out as an AI organisation dedicated to exploring AI capabilities.

Pika Labs recently introduced a video on the 'X' platform, unveiling their latest creation: Pika 1.0, a platform that breathes life into your creative ideas.

This tool enables users to create and edit videos using AI, and it is now available to new users on the web and Discord.

The groundbreaking feature of Pika Labs' new AI tool empowers users to modify every aspect of a video using a simple text prompt.

This text-to-video model allows users to transform an image into a captivating cinematic video.

Users have the flexibility to expand and customise their videos limitlessly, adding various elements or altering specific aspects such as colors.

Pika Labs is currently rolling out version 1.0, and eager users can join a waiting list to access this upgraded tool.

The initial rollout will prioritise those who have actively and impressively utilised the earlier model through Discord.

According to Tom's Guide, the rollout is scheduled to begin this week, and once the model is deemed ‘stable,’ it will be extended to others on the waiting list.

Remarkably, there are already half a million Pika users utilising the original model through Discord, generating millions of videos weekly.