Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Tech companies are now focused on creating devices that could replace smartphones. One such effort is by a Santa Monica-based startup called Rabbit R1, along with Humane Ai Pin.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently expressed his admiration for Rabbit R1, an AI assistant unveiled at CES 2024 in Las Vegas.

Nadella was so impressed that he likened the launch presentation of Rabbit R1 to Steve Jobs' iconic presentation of the original iPhone in 2007.

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Nadella mentioned, "I thought the demo of the Rabbit OS and the device was fantastic. After Jobs and the launch of iPhone, probably one of the most impressive presentations I've seen of capturing the vision of what is possible going forward for what is an agent-centric Operating System (OS) interface."

He emphasised the importance of breakthroughs in natural interfaces, envisioning a departure from the current norm of navigating one app at a time.

Nadella noted, "If you have a breakthrough in natural interface where this idea that you have to go one app at a time and all of the cognitive load is with you as a human, does seem like there can be a real breakthrough."

The Rabbit R1 is an AI-powered device with a 2.88-inch touchscreen display, running on a MediaTek processor.

This assistant can perform various functions like playing music, ordering groceries, and sending messages. Rabbit R1 is based on a 'Large Action Model.'

It claims to understand users' intentions and behaviours within specific apps and replicate those actions reliably and quickly.