Soumya Prakash Pradhan

It is likely to come across various advertisements of gambling applications during cricket match breaks or even on various social media channels. Celebrities including favourite actors and cricketers are seen promoting these gambling applications.

This is a marketing strategy to allure users and prompt them to download these apps to earn ‘easy money.’

However, many people are unaware of how these gambling applications can negatively impact their lives.
The India betting application is one such gambling platform that is being promoted through various mediums. If you search for this app on Google, you will find that it is being advertised extensively during cricket matches or on other platforms.

However, it's important to note that these applications are not registered with any legal authority under Indian laws.

Recently, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting in India issued a notice that these types of ads are being used by offshore betting platforms to advertise their products on news websites and TV channels.

Such applications appear to be promoting betting and gambling under the guise of news as surrogate advertisements.
The promotion of these gambling applications through attractive ads can be very alluring to individuals, who may think that they can earn lots of money just by playing a game and choosing the right option.

Unfortunately, many people install these apps and end up losing not just low amounts but high sums of money. Some individuals are left with no other option than committing some crime to recover their lost money which leads to significant consequences.

It is crucial to stay away from these gambling and fantasy sports applications. Installing them can lead to huge financial loss and negatively impact your life. As consumers, we should be responsible and choose to engage in activities that don't have such negative effects on our lives.