Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The popular messaging app owned by Meta, WhatsApp, recently introduced a new feature allowing users to hide password-protected chats from their chat list.

As the year 2023 began, WhatsApp started adding numerous new features, and as the year is now coming to an end, another feature is being added to the social media app.

This feature aims to provide an extra layer of privacy and security for users who want to protect their conversations from prying eyes or any unauthorised access.

The new feature, called 'secret code,' adds an additional level of protection to locked chats, making it more challenging for someone else to find them, especially if they have access to your phone or if you share a device with others.

To activate this feature, users should set a unique password different from their device's screen lock.

To set up 'Chat Lock' on WhatsApp, go to the individual chat, open the chat description, and select 'Chat Lock.' Setup chats lock using fingerprints.

On the WhatsApp homepage, find the 'Locked Chat,' open it by clicking on the three-dot menu.  Now select 'Chat Lock settings,' enable 'Hide locked chats,' and set a 'Chat screen code' following the provided instructions.

Choose an emoji and word as your secret code.

To access the 'Chat Lock' section later, enter the secret code in the search bar, and the locked chat section will appear.

Meanwhile, the 'secret code' feature enhances privacy on WhatsApp by providing a more discreet way to hide and access locked chats.